Child Care Services

With extensive experience in owning and operating multiple child care centres, we offer various consulting services to select clients as shown below.

We are also flexible to provide related services using our varied skills, whether for operators or developers. For example, we have direct experience in all three methods of expansion:

  1. Purchase of leasehold (existing business)

  2. Purchasing of land, design and build the centre, then licence and open a new business

  3. Opening a new centre in joint venture with a developer

Partnership Model

Our preference for third party service options is to undertake a partnership to deliver a desired outcome, in contrast to the standard model of a monthly fee with one visit a week to the centre. 

Due Diligence

Purchasing a new centre is a big decision. As well as a significant investment, usually involving bank finance, there are many other considerations and risks. We can provide a hands on and detailed analysis of the prospective purchase including:

  • Competitor and demographic analysis

  • Licensing advice/support

  • A detailed review of the lease

  • Visits to the centre to review staffing and resourcing 


We have completed three turnarounds and a startup. If you have a service that is struggling we can help turn things around:

  • Analyse the situation

  • Identify strengths/weaknesses (eg competition/staff/resources)

  • Work with you to devise a practical strategy

  • Work with you to implement the plan

  • Review the changes and adjust as necessary

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New Centre/Design

Having undertaken multiple developments and having worked with multiple existing designs inherited from businesses purchased, we have a very good understanding of what works and what doesn't. We incorporate direct feedback from staff and managers on their preferences (eg, where to place a nappy change) and we've also learnt from making mistakes. Our designs are functional and efficient, whilst also taking into account other important factors such as natural light and acoustics. But most importantly, we consult with the Department of Education to make sure the new build passes their strict inspection so that approval is achieved as expected. 

Our services for a new centre include: 

  • Site analysis (demographics/competition etc)

  • Structure/licensing advice and support

  • Consult with architect to determine an optimal design (eg, maximise places, functionality, supervision)

  • Startup services such as:

    • Regulatory (eg application form for Approved Provider)

    • Pricing (optimising the Child Care Subsidy or CCS)

    • Policies and forms

    • Hiring staff

    • Landscaping

    • Advertising

    • Resourcing

    • Licensing

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