Child Care Centres

The Whiz Kids group currently consists of five wholly owned and operated child care centres:

Bracken Ridge Child Care

Our Brisbane based centre was purchased in March 2013. Originally it was a 75 place centre, but it was quickly expanded to 86 places, and then to 201 places after we purchased the freehold and went through the DA/build process. The centre is highly regarded in the community with a fantastic team including many who have been with us for over 10 years. Visit them at

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Highfields Gardens Child Care

Highfields Gardens was the first centre that we built ourselves. We bought the land and then went through the approvals and design process before selecting a builder. We then went through the licensing and start up phase with our centre opening on time and on budget in January 2017. By the end of 2018 we had almost completed an expansion of the centre from its original 112 places to 202 places. Visit the centre at

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Sheridan Gardens Child Care

In late 2014 we became aware that the closest centre to our Sheridan Meadows (below) in Cairns was going to close. We knew that this centre was formerly quite successful but had struggled under a new owner who had no experience in childcare and ran the business through a management company. We took over and spent lots of money to refresh the centre including new landscaping, painting inside and out, new branding and a complete fitout. We also positioned the business to better service the needs of the local community, which meant purchasing two Hiace Commuter buses to operate before/after school care and vacation care. We're proud to say that the centre is now very successful, providing a valuable service to hundreds of local families. Visit the centre at

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Sheridan Meadows Child Care

In 2013 we purchased the 75 place leasehold of Sheridan Meadows in Cairns. It was already a successful centre, having been built and operated by a local educator in 2008. Since purchasing the centre we've continued to invest in staffing, resources, painting and landscaping. The centre has many of the same staff from when it opened, providing an unrivalled level of continuity in the community. Also, we believe that at an average occupancy of 90% over 5+ years, this centre is probably the stand-out centre in Cairns. Visit the centre at

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Toowoomba Gardens Early Learning Centre

In January 2019 we opened Toowoomba Gardens on Anzac Avenue in central Toowoomba. The centre caters for children from nursery to school age and is generating huge interest in the local community. So many families in Toowoomba are forced to use corporate child care and the feedback is very positive when they see what we have to offer and how we do things differently. Visit the centre at 

Whiz Kids Child Care
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