The Whiz Kids group currently owns and operates five child care centres in Queensland; one in Brisbane, two in Cairns and two in Toowoomba. Each has its own brand based on its respective location, such as the Bracken Ridge Child Care Centre, as each centre is important and relevant to its own community, families and staff.

The privately owned group consists of four directors who each bring different skills and experience to the business. All are based in South-East Queensland. 

Whiz Kids has a unique approach to child care. Our first priority is our staff, as everything else flows from there. By providing staff with all the support and resources they need they can focus on the care and development of the children. As a result, the children have dedicated and passionate carers looking after them. Our very low staff turnover provides continuity of care, which is also extremely important.


Happier staff => Happier children => Happier parents => Higher occupancy 

This may seem obvious but it’s the exception. Most centres are owned by large corporate groups such as G8, Affinity or Guardian, or are operated by management companies. Such centres have common concerns from families and staff; they are bureaucratic, they have tight budgets for resources and they are always trying to lower wage costs, resulting in high staff turnover and often younger, less experienced staff.

The founding partners, Tim and Scott, bought their first child care centre in Redcliffe in 2008. It was struggling at just 30% occupancy, mainly because it was located in a tough area, had poor access and was part of a run down 1960s brick building. During the first 12 months they increased occupancy to over 80%. This was achieved by doing many small things that altogether made a big change to the culture and service at the centre. For example, they invested in new resources and staff training. They also talked with the local community to determine their needs, which in this case was a bus service with before/after school care.

In 2009 they repeated this process with their second centre, this time in nearby Bracken Ridge. This centre was due to close as part of the collapsing ABC Group. On their first day the centre had seven staff and five children but by the end of the year it was also over 80% occupancy. In both cases, and at their first new development that opened in Toowoomba in January 2017, they engaged directly with staff and families to provide a valued and respected service for the local community.

Keys to success:

​We have a unique model that includes:

  • Owner/operator

  • Customer service approach, our families are our customers

  • Total service for families from nursery to school care

  • Investment in resources - staff/food/fitout/consumables etc to achieve a premium product

  • Extra activities included in fees (weekly music/dance/sport/yoga etc)

  • Support our staff so they can focus on the children

  • Implement a team based culture

  • Above average room sizes

  • Over and above staff/child ratios to support high quality care

  • Above average training/programming time

  • We prepare our own high quality food

  • Managers focused on occupancy (not costs)

  • Direct line of communication for staff/families to owners

  • Minimal bureaucracy

  • Next to no advertising - word of mouth only

  • Fast decision making

  • Autonomy for managers 

  • Regular visits 

  • Community involvement

  • Natural play areas